“My point is, life is about balance.
The good and the bad.  The highs and the lows.
The pina and the colada.”
― Ellen DeGeneres

Balancing Pointe is a Podcast and Blogging journey into the complex and fascinating world of professional Ballet ~ sharing valuable information with others, while learning to navigate the many paths available to an aspiring Ballerina.   

The Podcast will provide you enlightening interviews with inspiring artists. From aspiring dancers to professionals and all those who are committed to creating and sustaining the art ,  the interviews will offer an inside peek into this complex and beautiful world;  providing inspiration and tips on what it takes to “make it” in the professional world of Ballet.  

The Blog will inform and educate the reader, while sharing personal stories of the my journey, providing perspective and levity as I attempt to maintain life’s balance along the way.  

Balancing Pointe Podcast provides parents, dancers and all lovers of the arts a better understanding of the amazing world of Ballet.  

Enjoy the Journey!