Photo used during auditions

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On this show you will experience life with a REAL dancer in REAL time.  Each featured dancer will take you on their journey as they work hard toward realizing their dream of becoming a professional dancer.

On today’s episode Regina shares her experiences auditioning for her first professional contract.  In preparation Regina approached “audition season” as a research project, laying out in detail which companies she not only wanted to audition for, but she learned exactly when she needed to travel for each company’s audition.  In fact Regina not only traveled throughout the U.S., but traveled to Europe to ensure she was seen in as many company auditions as possible.  The hard work and detailed approach paid off as Regina landed in Tulsa Ballet with her first professional contract.


Audition in London at English National Ballet


Audition in Dresden Germany


During an audition in London


















Becoming Ballet is produced by Kimberly Falker, founder and CEO of Premier Dance Network and the host of Balancing Pointe Podcast.  Becoming Ballet is co-produced by Madeleine Gardella who was Becoming Ballet’s first featured dancer.

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