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Nichelle-SatinStitch-300x200In 2003, after about 10 years of teaching in dance studios, Nichelle Strzepek was feeling that there was just so much that she wanted to pass on to her students but was discouraged by the feeling that her time was always limited. She wanted to go beyond just technique and training and share what she had learned about dance history, choreography, dance artists, kinesiology/anatomy, even life lessons that she had learned through dance. She tried to infuse her teaching with these things but still wanted to offer more. Nichelle began looking online for resources for dance students. She figured if she couldn’t fit it all in, perhaps she could at least find some places online to which she could send students and feel confident that they were getting quality information. Unfortunately, she found little!

It was at that point that Dance Advantage became a seed in her mind.

It was not until early 2008 when, as a new mom, Nichelle was not teaching for the first time in her life and she discovered blogging. Nichelle had been using a blog to keep distant family updated about the progress of her pregnancy and new baby. She never thought of a blog as anything more than an online journal. Then, Nichelle met a stay-at-home mom that, with her blog, had created a sort-of online magazine for frugal moms. She began to think and research more about what a blog could be and discovered she had found the perfect soil for that little seed to grow. So, knowing almost nothing, in April 2008 Nichelle jumped in with both feet and created Dance Advantage.

What Dance Advantage Is and What Nichelle Hopes it Will Become

Dance Advantage continues to be a work in progress. Nichelle’s goals are to continue to increase the amount and caliber of the content offered for dancers, their parent’s and dance teachers alike and create a place that they know they can count on for quality information, a place that connects and unifies those working in and experiencing dance training. The articles and information at Dance Advantage are just part of the picture.

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