In this episode, Balancing Pointe Podcast I share a bit about where I’ve been for the past few weeks and why you have not heard any new episodes lately.  

I also share some exciting news about my upcoming mini-series and some of the guests I will be featuring.  And finally, I share more about the inspiration behind starting this podcast and some of the valuable life lessons I’ve learned from my guests.  

This is a short and sweet episode to bring you back to speed and help encourage you to stay inspired and pursue your goals and dreams!


And for those of you who have asked me about my logo ~ the logo is an image of my daughter.  She and a few of her friends spent the day in Central Park last summer taking creative dance photos of each other.  This was one of my favorites!  

When I decided to start a Podcast, I chose to use the image as it represents the beginning of my true journey into the world of dance!