Photo: Richard Curtis

Photo: Richard Curtis

“I investigate my art through the lens, or – better! – through the BODY of a trained ballet dancer. My legs respond most readily to a daily ballet class; my muscles most easily remember movement impelled by music or rhythm. I crave discipline and direction and certainty and steps and counts. I believe in the strength of my ballet roots – if I didn’t, I’d have no business encouraging my students to grow theirs.

That said, my “practice” now includes questioning what I can’t help but feel is a somewhat restrictive (self-created?) routine, even in performance. You mentioned once that you’d heard someone say “glamour is restraint.” If that’s true, I embody the unglamorous: I throw myself aggressively around the city and into studios and into ideas. I’m always falling in love with my fellow artists and adventurers. I’m intensely in the moment… until it passes.”

from a letter to Will Rawls, October 2014

Excerpt from Kaitlyn’s website

Kaitlyn Gilliland