Photo, Paul Kolnik

This week Megan takes over as the host of the show and interviews New York City Principal Dancer Sara Mearns.  Perhaps a first ever experience.

Megan and Sara are not only dancers but very great friends, so this episode feels like you are sitting with them in their home or over coffee.  


Megan asks great questions that really help give an authentic peak into the life of a professional dancer. Sara shares her favorite roles, as well as how deeply recently deceased Albert Evans’ death has affected her on a daily basis. The interview is authentic and dives in deep into Sara Mearn’s journey in ballet.

Sara’s vibrant energy keeps things light hearted and fun.


Today’s question come from:

– Natalie who is 12 years old and lives in Hong Kong.  Her favorite dancers are Sara Mearns and Megan Fairchild so she was hoping Sara could come on to the show.







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