~ Welcome to Balancing Pointe! ~

My name is Kimberly Falker and I am the host of Balancing Pointe Podcast where I interview  successful and inspiring guests who are living and working in the world of professional ballet and dance.  On my show you will hear from some of the today’s most successful dancers as well as choreographers, writers, photographers and anyone else who has made the world of dance a part of their professional lives.  My website provides you with added information about my guests as well as a resource for information and education.  

During each interview my featured guest will share their personal journey into the world of professional ballet and dance, sharing with us some of their greatest setbacks as well as their moments that make them most proud.  Each show offers specific “take away” advice for the aspiring dancer, valuable information on the “real” world of professional dance for their parents and amazingly inspirational stories for all who listen.   

But who am I and why a Ballet Podcast?

I am a Florida native who lived in Minnesota for over 17 years.  I went to undergradute at Florida State University (FSU) where I majored in Elementary Education and performed in the Florida State Flying High Circus (think Cirque du Soliel, not Ringling), traveling and performing throughout the South.  Upon graduation I taught 4th grade in Florida for two years, spending my summers backpacking in Europe.  Serving jury duty during my second year of teaching created a desire experience the courtroom from a different perspective. And so the teacher became the student as I left education to attend law school, specializing in trial law.

After law school I moved to Boston where I worked as a prosecutor for the Department of Social Services – specializing in child abuse cases.  While there, I met my husband.  He was originally from Minnesota but living in NYC……and no one warned me that “they all move back”!  

One year to the day from my wedding, we drove cross country to relocate in Minneapolis.  

Fast forward 17 years….our family very recently relocated back to the Sunshine State and are still in the throes of many life adjustments.  My 13 year old son, Harrison is well into all things sports and is happiest knowing there is something new around the corner; which I find VERY familiar and know exactly how to navigate. We  keep him busy with friends and a new sport every season and he flourishes.   My 15 year old girl daughter, Cosette is a ballerina and has a complete passion and drive for only this and nothing else.  Her level of focus, drive and passion is completely unfamiliar to me.  I am not an experienced ballerina and was never driven to just one sport; like my son, I am happiest with a social life and frequent change. 

Over the years, as Cosette became even more focused and passionate about pursuing a future in ballet,  I realized that I really needed to learn how to best support and guide her future in dance as it was a foreign world to me.  The more I researched, the more overwhelmed and confused I became.  There was no roadmap to follow and every question seemed to create less of an understanding.  

I started to think that if I was this confused, certainly I must not be alone….and I began to wonder if I could create an inspirational resource for dancers and parents that would provide the journeys of REAL success stories from those who are currently making a living in the world of professional ballet and dance?  Once this idea took hold…..it all began to come together, and Balancing Pointe Podcast was created.

Since  launching Balancing Pointe Podcast, I have been blessed to interview over 100 amazingly talented and passionate people – each sharing their story.  I have been astounded by their honesty and openness and their desire to offer guidance for the next generation.

And so – the journey of Balancing Pointe is no longer about me or my daughter’s journey in ballet, it has quickly evolved into a way to share the inspirational life stories of those that have “made it” in the world of dance and who bring this beautiful art to life.  

 I hope you enjoy the journey, feel free to stop by often!