Photo Credit: Paul Kolnik

Photo Credit: Paul Kolnik

ASK MEGAN! is a weekly show hosted by New York City Ballet’s Principal Dancer Megan Fairchild.

On each episode Megan answers YOUR questions each and every Monday.  Each episode will feature an actual question submitted from someone like you!

Today’s questions come from:

– Mary who wants to convince her mother to let her take ballet classes;  

– Jared who wants to know what it takes to get asked to stay for the Winter Term at the School of American Ballet.  

Megan provides very thoughtful and personal answers to these questions.

Do you have a question about Ballet?  

You can be a part of the show by sending us your questions ~ it is EASY. Simply go to and click on the “Leave Your Question Here” tab on the side of the page.  From there follow the directions and you are all set.

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