201 ~Ask Megan! What are Megan’s favorite leotards?


Megan Fairchild, Principal dancer with New York City Ballet answers listener’s questions every Tuesday. Today Katie asks Megan for some suggestions on leotards.

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202 ~ Pirouettes from the Past ~ Chapter Four


This episode is about the five Native American ballerinas who had fabulous careers mid-20th century.  The idea for this episode came from a listener who wanted to know more about Maria  Tallchief.

Dr. Melissa R. Klapper is Professor of History and former Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. She teaches American and women’s history, with a focus on the late 19th and early 20th century and additional research interests in the history of childhood, the history of education, and American Jewish history. Dr. Klapper is the author ofJewish Girls Coming of Age in America, 1860-1920 (NYU Press, 2005); Small Strangers: The Experiences of Immigrant Children in the United States, 1880-1925 (Ivan R. Dee, Publisher, 2007); and Ballots, Babies, and Banners of Peace: American Jewish Women’s Activism, 1890-1940 (NYU Press,2013). Her scholarship has been awarded grants and fellowships from an array of sources, including the American Jewish Archives, the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women at Harvard University, and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

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200 ~ Balancing Pointe Podcast Celebrates 200 Episodes!!!!!!


In Honor of the Celebration of Balancing Pointe’s 200th Episode, host Kimberly Falker takes us on her almost 3 years as a podcaster. You’ll hear some never been shared stories on how her early days in the creation of the podcast as well as the biggest lesson learned as a parent of an aspiring professional dancer.  In this episode Kimberly also dives in deep on the background of the Premier Dance Network which she launched in January 2016 as well as some unique perspective on each of the 8 shows currently featured on Premier Dance Network.  And finally, Kimberly tells us about the launch of her Patreon Campaign which is an incredible way for you, as a listener to show the support for both the Balancing Pointe Podcast as well as the other shows on the Premier Dance Network by becoming an official PDN Patron.  To find out more about the Patreon Campaign and to learn about the many rewards being offered to each patron, click on the links below.


199 ~ Ask Megan! What is the best way to warm up?


Megan Fairchild, Principal dancer with New York City Ballet answers listener’s questions every Tuesday. Today’s question come from Ella who wants to know suggestions on the best way to warm up.

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198 ~ Ask Megan! When is it time to go to a year round program?


On each episode Megan answers YOUR questions each and every Tuesday.

Today’s question comes from Brida who wants to know when it is time to find a year round training program.


The Importance of Cross-Training for Dancers ~ by, Gillian Lastinger

Cross-training is very common among professional athletes such as hockey, baseball, football, and basketball players. As dancers we spend so much time working on our ballet technique, pointe shoes, rehearsals, and classes when do we have time for another activity?

However more and more we are finding that to get the most out of those rehearsals and classes is to cross-train.

What is cross training?

Cross training is training in two or more sports in order to improve fitness and performance, especially in a main sport.

What is cross training for dancers?

Cross-training is a very broad term used to explain diversifying your training. However with dancers there are many levels for cross-training depending on how broad you want to go. For our ballet dancers I’m just going to break it down into 3 levels.

 Level 1: Diversification in Ballet – Cross-training in styles of ballet

This level of cross-training is the most common in ballet dancers. It is good to get experiences with different styles of ballet whether it is classical, contemporary, neo-classical, Balachine technique, Vagnova technique, etc.

There are lots of different ballets and lots of different styles. It is good to cross-train in different styles to become a stronger dancer. A classical ballet can teach you artistry, while a contemporary ballet might work on your technique more.

This level of cross-training is pretty simple, now let’s explore more.

Level 2: Diversification in Dance – Cross-training in styles of dance

Going a little bit further out of our comfort zones, it is good for dancers to explore other styles of dance. Ballet is the basis of all dance. Every other style of dance is rewarded by learning and studying ballet. However artistry and movement for ballerinas is improved by learning and studying other [...]

Netflix for Ballet Dancers ~ by Gillian Lastinger

Five Dances (2013)

83 Minutes

Netflix description: Real dance Phenom show their acting chops in this tale about a prodigy from Kansas hoping to make it big in New York City.

My Notes: This is a fictional story about a young dancer traveling to NYC. This movie does not have much of a plot and is about a young dancer growing and learning to open himself up. Mostly, I watched this for the beautiful dancing and that is why you should watch it too.


Ballet 422 (2014)

75 Minutes

Netflix description: Go backstage at the New York City Ballet, from first rehearsal to world premiere, as choreographer Justin Peck readies a new piece

My Notes: Ballet 422 is a documentary with no narration. It is a unique look at all the work that goes into a new ballet. I loved watching the story

of this ballet come together and think you will too.

First Position (2011)

94 Minutes

Netflix description: Follow dancers training for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions, where the stakes are high.

My Notes: For someone like me who has never gone to the Youth America Grand Prix, this is a great look into the world of competitive ballet competitions. I loved seeing the story of these dancers as they compete and grow. What is also interesting about this documentary is how much these dancers have grown since it was filmed. Take a minute and search each of their names and you can see how far they have come since this movie (hint: check the balancing pointe podcast archives)

Ballerina (2009)

76 Minutes

Netflix Description: This 2009 documentary profiles five Russian ballerinas from the Mariinsky Theatre, following them from rehearsals to performances around the globe.

My Notes: It is no [...]

197 ~ Ask Megan: what do you do when you lose a teacher?


On each episode Megan answers YOUR questions each and every Tuesday.

Today’s question come from Giuliani whose teacher is leaving her studio. She is feeling devastated and is seeking advice from Megan.

Megan provides a thoughtful response.

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196 ~ Ashley Ellis ~ Principal Dancer, Boston Ballet & Founder of Rubia Wear


On today’s episode Kimberly interviews Ashley Ellis LIVE in a quaint garden in South Boston, adjacent to the Boston Ballet studios.  Ashley is not only a Principal dancer with the Boston Ballet, but the founder of Rubia Wear leg warmers, one of the hottest items for every dancer these days.  Be sure to check out Ashley’s trendy and stylish leg warmers here:

Rubia Wear

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195 ~ Ask Megan! How to Stay in Shape During an Injury


On each episode Megan answers YOUR questions each and every Tuesday.

Today’s question come from a Christy wants to know who to get back into shape after recovering from an injury.

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