Today’s guests are NYCB Principal dancer,  Ask La Cour and Choreographer, David Fernandez who are working tirelessly, co-producing a most amazing event coming up on the night of April 28 in NYC ~ Some Dance Company – Encore!

The event will feature 8 pieces choreographed by David Fernandez, performed by over 40 of NYC’s finest dancers from some of the most prestigious dance companies. The event will raise money for “Career Transition for Dancers”, which helps recently retired dancers with assistance in re-defining and re-designing the next chapter of their lives.

Important to know is that each of the dancers performing for the event will be donating their talent and time solely to help raise money for the Career Transition for Dancers project.

some dance company

Some Dance Company’s first show was held at the Museo El Barrio in February 2012 which included a cast of stars from New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem, the freelance dance community of New York, and David’s young students – a combination of talent that is nearly impossible to assemble for a single project. Such NYCB artists as Joaquin De Luz, Amar Ramasar, Ask La Cour, Chase Finlay, Gonzalo Garcia, and ABT’s Luciana Paris, Nicola Curry and Nicole Graniero performed David Fernandez’s works. They also presented the premiere of Vitruvian Man, a piece that has received international acclaim. The evening was a great experience for the dancers and audience alike. On April 28, they will replicate that diversity of performers with the excitement and camaraderie generated the first time around.

Vitruvian Man

Watch the demo of our last performance to get a taste of what’s to come ~

Demo of show

For this Encore! show, expect new stars to the cast such as contemporary flamenco dancer Selene Muños from Denmark performing a duet with Ask La Cour, and original music by Ian Ng and Craig Chesler, two up-and-coming inspiring composers whose talented work they are so fortunate to include.



Directly from David ~ “My friends have asked me when I planned on creating another show – I was hesitant. The more they asked me, however, the more confident I became in the possibility of a “Round Two”. I knew I had a wealth of support to make this event happen again. The show is choreographed to highlight the dancers’ individual strengths. We want to have fun, do what we love in rehearsals and onstage, and share our enthusiasm with our audience. That’s the foundation of Some Dance Company – to enjoy ourselves and to share that joy with our audience. There is no dense subtext to interpret in the pieces and no need to impress people. We just want to get back to basics when it comes to dance; to hear music and respond to the way it makes us feel.”

But they can’t do this alone. We need YOUR help and support to bring this fantastic show to the stage for your enjoyment. If you would like to help make “Some Dance Company – Encore!” a reality!, you can donate through their Kickstarter campaign

If you would like to donate as little or as much as you can to Some Dance Company’s Kickstarter campaign, please click on the link:

Link to Kickstarter campaign

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