Photo Credit: Shravan Vidyarthi

Photo Credit: Shravan Vidyarthi


Galit Adani, a professional dancer and educator, is the Founder and Executive Director of Dance to Unite, Inc. in New City, New York.  Dance to Unite, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers free dance classes with the mission to teach about different cultures in order to achieve unity and world peace.

Galit, a kind and spiritual soul, was born and raised in Israel. After the completion of the mandatory two years of military service in the Israeli Air Force she arrived at New York City’s Queens College.  She graduated with honors and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Communications and Psychology.

Favorite Quote: “When you are faced with the decision to be right or to be kind, always choose being kind.” Wayne Dyer

Photo Credit: Laura Casner

Photo Credit: Laura Casner

It was during her college years that she began to donate her time as a volunteer dance teacher to NYC’s inner city youth for the non profit organization: Groove With Me. She kept this commitment for over 11 years spanning from 1998- 2009. During that time she also had a successful career in the professional dance field as a performer,choreographer, and instructor as well as in the Education field as a Youth Director and a Hebrew school teacher at The Conservative Synagogue Religious School located in Westport-Connecticut.

In October 2009, after years of extensive experience with youth and upon the encouragement of her students and their parents, Galit felt inspired to create Dance To Unite, a program that would combine education and dance for the purpose of future peace.

Photo Courtesy Dance to Unite

Photo Courtesy Dance to Unite

The mission of Dance to Unite, Inc. is to use dance as a vehicle to teach and to celebrate cultural diversity. The organization is committed to creating positive experiences for children to develop understanding, acceptance, respect and compassion for all cultures culminating in unity and peace.

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Dance to Unite Students

Dance to Unite, Inc. partners with After-School programs to offer weekly free dance classes with an educational component choreographed to represent different cultures of the world. The classes are taught by Galit as well as by a volunteer staff of dance teachers, many of whom are college students studying dance, the arts, or youth education and services. Their collective expertise ranges from Hip-Hop, Reggae, African Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Fusion, and even Zumba.

“Just because we’re all different doesn’t mean we can’t DANCE TOGETHER.”
 Josh Quinones, Dance to Unite student, age 9

Nicole Tongue, Former BRB Dancer Photo Courtesy of Dance to Unite

Nicole Tongue, Former BRB Dancer
Photo Courtesy of Dance to Unite

The classes are complemented periodically with special guest artists who conduct workshops to promote the organization’s mission. In 2012, Dance To Unite welcomed Nicole Tongue, former ballerina at England’s Birmingham Royal Ballet, Nadine Kochuyt, Artistic Director at Dance Connection International Centre for Modern Dance in Belgium, and an internationally touring dancer, singer and choreographer, Laconja, one of Flamenco’s most versatile artists.  Additionally, guest artists have included Martial Arts with Kyoshi Pam Roberts and The Art of Henna with Atif Toor.

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