Photo Credit: Courtesy Fabrice Calmels

Photo Credit: Courtesy Fabrice Calmels


Fabrice Calmels joined The Joffrey Ballet in 2002. Born and raised in France, Fabrice is a tall, 6 ft 6 dancer, sinewy and handsome. He has been described onstage as “fierce” and offstage as “kind and intelligent.”  In addition to his career in ballet, Fabrice is a body-builder, model, actor, blogger, and self-described entrepreneur. He has been featured in publications of all sorts, most recently Men’s Journal Magazine, as well as in ads for Dolce and Gabbana.

Like many male dancers, he followed in the footsteps of a sister when he began his classical ballet training at age 3 in France. In 1991 at the age of 10, he entered the Paris Opera School, under the direction of Claude Bessy. Through his training he worked with world-renowned dance masters such as Serge Golovine, Gilbert Mayer, Max Bozzoni, John Neumier, Jirí Kylián, Violette Verdy, and also performed at the beautiful Opera Palais Garnier theatre.

In 1998, Mr. Calmels was spotted by John Meehan, director of American Ballet Theatre’s Studio Company, and moved to New York. He furthered his training by joining The Rock School, and danced with the Pennsylvania Ballet. At Boston Ballet, under the direction of Anna-Marie Holmes, he learned the Russian technique with ballet masters Tatiana Terekhova and Sergei Berezhnoi, and also the Balanchine style at The School of American Ballet.

Photo Credit: Herbert Migdoll

Photo Credit: Herbert Migdoll

Favorite Quote: “Always give 200%.”

Since joining the Joffrey, Mr. Calmels has performed in Age of Innocence, Apollo, Carousel a Dance, The Clowns, I/DNA, In the Middle…Somewhat Elevated, In the Night, Italian Suite, Light Rain, Les Noces, The Nutcracker, N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz!, Le Sacre du Printemps, “…smile with my heart,” Suite Saint Saëns, Valentine, Midsummers Night Dream, Apollo, Othello and After the Rain.

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Fabrice has danced several times for television, featured on Chicago’s WGN TV. He also dances in guest performances. As an actor, he’s performed the role of Nijinsky in the new theatre piece “MISIA” by writer Barry Singer, performed at Chicago’s Ravinia Festival. In 2008, Mr. Calmels collaborated with world-famous musician Jean-Felix Lalanne, and his choreography was performed at his Autour de la Guitarre in Paris.

Photo Credit: Giuliano Bekor

Photo Credit: Giuliano Bekor

Dancer Answer: Advice for Aspiring Young Dancers

Q:@Teendancer5678-What are the most important things you can do at an audition?

A: Fabrice-Be clean and consistent so the auditioners can see how they can use you.

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