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National Post Article

Guillaume and Heather joined the National Ballet of Canada around the same time – in the late nineties, becoming Principal dancers in 2004 and  2005.  And although they knew each other for years, it was not until many years later that they began dating.


heather7They discovered a “chemistry” between each other when they were paired together in Romeo and Juliet, but did not act on this discovery for quite some time.

Their “chemistry” was strong on stage, so Heather and Guilluame were paired for many lead roles – and the audience loved what they saw.


In 2006 the couple began dating then in 2009 Guilluame proposed to Heather on a bridge across from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.  A year later, they were married in Toronto. Their first dance was to If This Is a Dream, which Côté, a musician and composer, wrote and recorded for her when they started dating.  Guilluame continues to compose and now adds choreographer to his  many talents.


 The Globe Article

Today, the couple look forward to spending time with family and enjoying each other in the studio.  Their friendship and energy as a couple is infectious and their interview together purely inspirational (not to mention fun).

 Lost in Motion (Guilluame’s original work)

Lost in Motion II (Guilluame’s original work)