Jessica Wallis is the founding director and inspiration behind Ballet in Cleveland, a non-profit classical ballet presentation company specifically committed to the presentation and promotion of classical ballet.  Ballet in Cleveland hosts professional ballerinas and dancers to discuss classical ballet and its unique attributes as an art form, offering master classes from some of today’s top classical ballet dancers to dancers from far and wide, thereby promoting and fostering appreciation for the art.  By keeping its focus on classical ballet, Ballet in Cleveland can direct efforts solely to the presentation of professional classical ballet artists and ballet advocates of the highest quality and level of professionalism.   Ballet in Cleveland highlights the unique, elegant and powerful qualities of ballet, thus cultivating its culture in the city, the results of which carry nationwide. Through the presentation of performances by professional ballet companies, ballet master classes and programming with nationally recognized dancers, Ballet in Cleveland is revolutionizing ballet.  Since its inception, Ballet in Cleveland has hosted names such as Ashley Bouder (principal dancer with the NYCB), Allison DeBona (Breaking Pointe star and soloist with Ballet West), Matthew Dibble (formerly of the Royal Ballet) and many others. They are constantly working to bring in the greatest of talent from all over the world.


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Jessica Wallis has enjoyed life in the arts.  An original company member of Children’s Ballet Theatre and a scholarship recipient of The Dance Institute of The University of Akron Jessica went on to teach dance and elementary education. Jessica’s passion for the arts and for promoting classical ballet is evident in all she does.  Her energy, business acumen not to mention her innovative approach to the arts will ensure Ballet in Cleveland will make its mark not only in Cleveland but throughout the country.



       Dancer Answer: Advice for                    Aspiring Young Dancers

Q: (Sarah from Atlanta) “What is your best audition advice?”
  A:  First of all we are often judged so much more by appearance than we even realize so make sure you are fully aware ahead of time as to exactly what is expected in terms of your leotard and make prepare your bun with as much hair spray and bobbie pins as possible so that you are completely free to focus only on your dance during the audition.  

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