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Rainesford Alexandra is a writer, college student, and former classically trained ballet dancer.  On the path to pursuing professional ballet, Rainesford suffered a career-ending injury at the age of sixteen.  Still in love with the art she lends another talent, her writing, to keeping ballet vibrant and alive. Purposeful and articulate, Rainesford projects an intelligence beyond her years.  As an active contributor to The Huffington Post Arts section and author of her own blog Dressing Room Writers, Rainesford is passionate and determined to bring ballet to a higher awareness and larger audience.

Additionally, Rainesford actively contributes to the Huff’s College, Politics, and Celebrity sections. As Rainesford continues to expand Dressing Room Writers and help solidify a place for ballet in modern society, she is pursuing a degree in English Literature and writing nonfiction, which she eventually hopes to publish.

Rainesford Alexandra’s ballet journey began at age seven with training pre-professionally in classical ballet at the Evansville Dance Theatre. Throughout the duration of her training there, she studied under the current Joffrey Academy of Dance Artistic Directors, Anna Reznik and Alexei Kremnev, and Keith J. Martin, a former dancer with The Royal Ballet. Rainesford studied at summer intensives including the Louisville Ballet and Russian Ballet Academy of Indiana (now Indiana Ballet Conservatory) before an injury at sixteen sidelined her dance career. Despite her injury, Rainesford continued to be involved in the ballet world, attending performances, taking open classes, and teaching pre-ballet at several studios.

“Every end of one world is a beginning of another and whatever happens to you
– it does not happen without reason.”

She is passionate about furthering the classical arts in modern society. In July 2013, she fused two passions, ballet and writing, by creating Dressing Room Writers, an alternative dance media website where she seeks to publicize dancers doing innovative things in the ballet world. Through Dressing Room Writers, Rainesford has had the opportunity to talk to some of the most prestigious professionals and up-and-coming young dancers. After writing an article about New York City Ballet principal Sara Mearns’ video blog for The Huffington Post, Rainesford was invited to attend Dance Theatre of Harlem’s opening night at Jazz at Lincoln Center in Spring 2013 by Simone Cooper Public Relations.

Rainesford Alexandra yoga

Photo Credit: Rainesford Alexandra

Rainesford has developed a love of yoga.  In her practice she has found yoga helpful in many ways to the mental and physical healing process of overcoming an injury.

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Favorite Quote: “What is success?
It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace.”

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