And so it goes.

I am guilty of the “shiny object syndrome”.  I am very attracted to that next best thing….especially when it comes to anything that involves my children’s education or my children’s activities.

I have decided that my new mantra regarding these things….. (right now regarding my daughter’s path in Ballet) is this:

“keep in mind, you are training for a marathon not a race”.

In other words, “Big Picture” thinking….don’t get distracted by the many shiny objects immediately before us.   (My problem, not hers)

The biggest problem with this mantra is that the “Big Picture” has become quite blurry.  It is hard to keep the “Big Picture” in focus when I don’t really know what it is supposed to look like.  

All along I have assumed that my daughter’s passion for ballet would provide her with a positive and healthy “after school activity”.  I hoped that combined with her strong academics, Ballet would help to get  her into colleges she may not have been able to get into otherwise….even Ivy League colleges…..helping her move out of the Midwest. (My hope and dream….not necessarily hers)

Since this summer, however, it has become clear that the “Big Picture” needs to include the possiblilty of making Ballet her career first… second.  I really don’t have any idea if this is the path; but for the first time ever, I am left with this as one of the many paths she very likely may try.  

Back to my marathon mantra…..I do know that I would love to keep an attitude of “pacing” her training, so she is not pushed too hard, too quickly and become injured or burnt out.  On the other hand, I do not want to incorrectly hold her back from her “best pace”.

Her dance year has not even begun and my mantra has already been challenged.

My daughter was promoted this year to the top level in her pre-professional program.  And while this should be and certainly is a very exciting accomplishment ~ it has been met with mixed emotions.

This year her studio added a “Trainee” program to their curriculum.  Dancers in this program take company classes and then learn some of the company’s repertoire.  The Trainees spend 9:00 – 4:00 at the studio dancing, which means they must attend “online” school.

My daughter just started the 8th grade and is not a part of this program.  Four of her closest friends are part of the new program.  

She is extremely proud and happy for them – yet at the same time sad that her life at the studio has forever changed.  

The “gang” is broken up.

I am now trying to navigate her best paths, with these blurred lines before me….

The Big Picture is often blurry....